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Microwave engineering / David M. Pozar.
Fourth edition.
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, [2012]
xvii, 732 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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I. Electromagnetic theory : Introduction to microwave engineering ; Maxwell's equations ; Fields in media and boundary conditions ; The wave equation and basic plane wave solutions ; General plane wave solutions ; Energy and power ; Plane wave reflection from a media interface ; Oblique incidence at a dielectric interface ; Some useful theorems
II. Transmission line theory : The lumped-element circuit model for a transmission line ; Field analysis of transmission lines ; The terminated lossless transmission line ; The Smith chart ; The quarter-wave transformer ; Generator and load mismatches ; Lossy transmission lines ; Transients on transmission lines
III. Transmission lines and waveguides : General solutions for TEM, TE, and TM waves ; Rectangular waveguide ; Circular waveguide ; Coaxial line ; Surface waves on a grounded dielectric sheet ; Stripline ; Microstrip line ; The transverse resonance technique ; Wave velocities and dispersions ; Summary of transmission lines and waveguides
IV. Microwave network analysis : Impedance and equivalent voltages and currents ; Impedance and admittance matrices ; The scattering matrix ; The transmission (ABCD) matrix ; Signal flow graphs ; Discontinuities and modal analysis ; Excitation of waveguides: electric and magnetic currents ; Excitation of waveguides: aperture coupling
V. Impedance matching and tuning : Matching with lumped elements (L netwoks) ; Single-stub tuning ; Double-stub tuning ; The quarter-wave transformer ; The theory of small reflections ; Binomial multisection matching transformers ; Cherbyshev multisection matching transformers ; Tapered lines ; The Bode-Fano criterion
VI. Microwave resonators : Series and parallel resonant circuits ; Transmission line resonators ; Rectangular waveguide cavity resonators ; Circular waveguide cavity resonators ; Dielectric resonators ; Excitation of resonators ; Cavity perturbations
VII. Power dividers and directional couplers : Basic properties of dividers and couplers ; The T-junction power divider ; The Wilkinson power divider ; Waveguide directional couplers ; The quadrature (90°) hybrid ; Coupled line directional couplers ; The Lange coupler ; The 180° hybrid ; Other couplers.
VIII. Microwave filters : Periodic structures ; Filter design by the image parameter method ; Filter design by the insertion loss method ; Filter transformations ; Filter implementation ; Stepped-impedance low-pass filters ; Coupled line filters ; Filters using coupled resonators
IX. Theory and design of ferrimagnetic components : Basic properties of ferrimagnetic materialts ; Plane wave propagation in a ferrite medium ; Propagation in a ferrite-loaded rectangular waveguide ; Ferrite isolators ; Ferrite phase shifters ; Ferrite circulators
X. Noise and nonlinear distortion : Noise in microwave circuits ; Noise figure ; Nonlinear distortions ; Dynamic range
XI. Active RF and microwave devices : Diodes and diode circuits ; Bipolar junction transisters ; Field effect transistors ; Microwave integrated circuits ; Microwave tubes
XII. Microwave and amplifier design : Two-port power gains ; Stability ; Single-stage transistor amplifier design ; Broadband transistor amplifier design ; Power Amplifiers
XIII. Oscillation and mixers : RF oscillators ; Microwave oscillators ; Oscillator phase noise ; Frequency multipliers ; Mixers
XIV. Introduction to microwave systems : System aspects of antennas ; Wireless communications ; Radar systems ; Radiometer systems ; Microwave propagation ; Other applications and topics
Appendices : A. Prefixes ; B. Vector analysis ; C. Bessel functions ; D. Other mathematical results ; E. Physical constants ; F. Conductivities for some materials ; G. Dielectric constants and loss tangents for some materials ; H. Properties of some microwave Ferrite materials ; I. Standard rectangular waveguide data ; J. Standard coaxial cable data.
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