Submit to the Olin College Archive (formerly Digital Commons)

The Olin College archive is a digital repository of the research, scholarly, and institutional memory output of our community. The goals of the repository are to:

Submission Guidelines

We accept work from any member of the Olin community: faculty, staff, students, and alumni. All works must be cleared for use by the copyright owner. For help determining copyright ownership, please reach out the library for assistance.


The library invites submissions from faculty of a variety of scholarly and pedagogical works. We currently have collections of scholarly publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, course syllabi, assignments, research data, and more.

Open Access Policy

Please refer to the Open Access Policy in the faculty manual, or reach out to the library, for information regarding scholarly publication and "green" open access procedures.


While the Open Access Policy only applies to the scholarly output of work authored by faculty, the staff and administrative units may use the repository for scholarly works, including conference presentations, as well as in service of preserving institutional memory. Current staff-driven collections include: Innovations, The Link, and records from past events.


We welcome and invite ideas for new submissions and collections in addition to the AHS Capstone final projects. Other student-driven collections currently in the archive include: GCSP reports, Frankly Speaking, Gifts & Scholarships, SAG Grant Awards, as well as scholarly publications.

AHS Capstone Guidelines


The Library invites submissions from alumni of their graduate thesis, patents, and other publications with copyright clearance.

Form Submission Guidelines

The following are required fields for submission. Please fill out all information to the best of your ability to ensure we preserve as much relevant information for your work as possible.

File Upload

We can accept a variety of file formats but for text-based submissions please submit an accessible PDF. If your submission has more than one type of file, you can select one file as the main file, and there will be an opportunity to attach the additional files as supplemental files. For example, for an AHSS Capstone project, you may submit an artist statement or reflection as a main file, and images of visual artwork as supplemental files. Or, for a scholarly journal article, you may submit the main article as a PDF, and research data as supplemental files.

Please be sure that there are no permissions issues related to use of the associated material. Sometimes, especially with images, you must write a letter seeking permission to use the material before it can be posted.

Publication Type

Select the type of publication that best describes your main file. If you would like to suggest a new publication type, email the library team with more information.


You may select multiple collections from the drop-down menu. The collections you select here will associate your submission with similar files. You can browse the collection tree ahead of time to see how we group submission.


Enter the complete title and subtitle in sentence case.


Format: LastName, FirstName MiddleInitial


Add author-supplied keywords in this field, each term or phrase on a new line.