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In order to deeply understand one's bilingualism, it is essential to understand how and where it came about. With case studies of bilingualism that exists in South Asia a [...]
01 October 2007 | article |
As the subject for this exhibit is the grains themselves, object-based photography seemed most appropriate for the production of these images. The photographs are similar [...]
01 April 2008 | article |
This chapter explores student motivation as a potential key to the success of today's college curricula. It argues that curriculum designers and instructors could benefit [...]
01 January 2013 | article |
ABET, ASEE, and the wider engineering community have long acknowledged the potential benefits of interdisciplinary education, including the opportunity to develop non-tec [...]
01 January 2007 | conference |
This project includes recordings and lecture notes from a lecture recital which included the following works:
  1. Prelude and Fugue in b-flat minor from Book I of t [...]
    01 October 2012 | article |
The literature consistently reports that students express some degree of discomfort when they are thrown into self-directed learning environments. In this paper, we prese [...]
01 October 2006 | conference |
Most books that use MATLAB are aimed at readers who know how to program. This book is for people who have never programmed before. As a result, the order [...]
01 January 2011 | book |
When I was applying to colleges four and a half years ago, I decided I wanted to major in neural engineering. Inspired by a class in philosophy, I wanted to understand th [...]
01 January 2013 | article |
The venerable theory of electrokinetic phenomena rests on the hypothesis of a dilute solution of point-like ions in quasi-equilibrium with a weakly charged surface, whose [...]
01 November 2009 | article |
Chinese school was always a negative experience in the past for me; however, I am now interested in Chinese learning. For capstone project, I wanted to compare and contra [...]
01 October 2011 | article |