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There is a variety of ways to study Japanese. I particularly focused on the Rote and Creative method. The Rote method focuses on direct memorization of anything and every [...]
01 October 2007 | article |
Language learning includes : grammar, characters, speaking, interacting, writing, vocabulary, reading, context, listening
01 May 2009 | article |
This paper examines how scientists can learn how to practice science, why it is important for scientists to learn how to do science well, and strategies for improving the [...]
01 April 2008 | article |
I took at seminar course, Goethe, at Wellsley College to learn about the German literature and language.
01 October 2007 | article |
This paper discusses the subdiscplines of anthropology, then goes on to teach the reader about how an anthropologist would learn about and from bones. Starting with the c [...]
01 April 2012 | article |
Heritage language learners, learners who speak a language at home but have never been taught the language formally, face very different obstacles when it comes to languag [...]
01 April 2012 | article |
This project reflects upon the author's experiences in the five areas of study prescribed by the Grand challenge Scholars Program, with a focus on his work developing edu [...]
01 January 2013 | article |
This is a video footage of the Afternoon Keynote speaker Mike Sweet discussing the digital book content environment at the Digital Book Summit that took place at Franklin [...]
13 October 2012 | event |
My Olin courses and projects are never without a greater meaning or message beyond their immediate context. Professors are quick to point out the importance of having a v [...]
01 January 2013 | article |
This course will examine select topics in teaching and learning in undergraduate science and engineering. The goal of the class is to help participants become effective [...]
01 October 2011 | information |