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With the project, I wanted to learn more about writing short fictions and investigate into the possibility of publishing a short narrative.
01 April 2007 | article |
The goals of the project were to determine the influence of light and perspective on a painting and to use elements of Renaissance painting to determine their influence o [...]
01 April 2007 | article |
I interviewed a number of individuals about their core life philosophies and how they came to develop them (their mini-life stories). I then presented these interviews th [...]
01 October 2012 | article |
Many threads of American political thought rely on two distinct moral and political philosophies: Natural Law and Political Liberalism. The first teaches that there exist [...]
01 October 2009 | article |
The goal of the elementary education system is to provide children with the support and direction necessary to develop the intellect, independence, stability, skills, and [...]
06 May 2010 | article |
NASA rests under the Executive Branch as 2005 NASA Authorization Act and Aeronautics and Space act of 1958 fund NASA. NASA Authorization Acts and The Vision for Space Exp [...]
01 April 2008 | article |
An open-ended journey to understand how cities are formed through the forces of urban design and daily life. Work includes digital sketching, animation and image collage.
01 October 2013 | editorial |
In 1998 a gay college student was kidnapped, beaten and left to die outside of Laramie, Wyoming. At that time, the world focused its attention on this act of hate and the [...]
01 April 2012 | article |
Traditionally, photographs have represented single moments in time, but the photographs in this series represent a compression of discrete moments into a single frame, in [...]
01 October 2012 | article |
During a semester observing first-grade math instruction, I call into question how math is taught to younger children. I explore the idea of “developmental readiness” [...]
01 April 2014 | article |